Pioneering Progress in Real Time Crime Solutions

Elk Grove RTCC Station

The National Real Time Crime Center Association (NRTCCA) stands at the forefront of leveraging cutting-edge technology and collaborative efforts to combat and prevent crime in real-time.

As a dedicated association, we bring together law enforcement agencies, technology experts, and community leaders to foster innovation and share expertise in the realm of crime analysis, data integration, and proactive policing strategies. With a commitment to enhancing public safety, NRTCCA strives to create a network of professionals working seamlessly towards a safer and more secure society. Join us in our mission to harness the power of real-time data and advanced analytics for a more effective and connected approach to crime prevention and law enforcement.

RTC Centers

Board Members

Executive Board

Nikki North, President of the NRTCCA

Nikki North


Chris Henningsen, Vice President Administration of the NRTCCA

Chris Henningsen

Vice President

Ross Bourgeois, Vice President of Training & Development at the NRTCCA

Ross Bourgeois

Vice President
Training & Development

Marcos Hernandez, Treasurer at the NRTCCA

Marcos Hernandez


Sarah Dennis, Secretary at the NRTCCA

Sarah Dennis


Board of Directors

Jared Kosina, Training Director at the NRTCCA

Jared Kosina


Joe Shipp, Membership Director at the NRTCCA

Joe Shipp


Michelle Potts, Conference Director at the NRTCCA

Michelle Potts


Erik Lavigne, Communications Director at the NRTCCA

Erik Lavigne


Emily Spindler, Partnership Director at the NRTCCA

Emily Spindler


Matt Patin, Professional Development Director at the NRTCCA

Matt Patin

Professional Development

Advisory Board

Brian Novotny, Board Advisor at the NRTCCA

Brian Novotny


Darin Hull, Board Advisor at the NRTCCA

Darin Hull


Mike Sena, Board Advisor at the NRTCCA

Mike Sena


Bill Steinmetz, Board Advisor at the NRTCCA

Bill Steinmetz


Michael Ricupero, Board Advisor at the NRTCCA

Michael Ricupero


Alberto Martinez, Board Advisor at the NRTCCA

Alberto Martinez


NRTCCA Committees

NRTCCA Member working on a Project

Training & Professional Development Committee

This is an opportunity for you to get involved with sharing what type of training you are interested in receiving, as well as developing a program that members can become certified in after they take the appropriate steps.

To join this committee contact:

Training Director, Jared Kosina

Professional Development Director, Matt Patin

Membership Committee

We are seeking members who want to help with our outreach efforts in order to grow our membership.

To join this committee contact:

Membership Director, Joe Shipp

Finance Committee

We are looking for members who have an interest in fundraising, grants, and other ways to increase funding for our asssociation and its members.

To join this committee contact:

Treasurer, Marcos Hernandez

Conference Committee

We are looking specifically for members who have previously served on other conference committees to help with some of the tasks that are needed to make our conference(s) possible.

To join this committee contact:

Conference Director, Michelle Potts

Communications Committee

We are looking for interested members who can help with our Social Media Channels, our Website, and our Podcast.

To join this committee contact:

Communications Director, Erik Lavigne

Partnership Working Group

If you have any ideas for who our association should partner with, or sponsors that are not currently involved with our association - we would like your help and connections to create new partnership opportunities with our association.

To join this committee contact:

Partnership Director, Emily Spindler

Awards & Recognition Committee

We are looking for members who enjoy giving back and want to help with developing our first annual Recognition & Awards for 2024.

To join this committee contact:

President, Nikki North