NRTCCA July Newsletter

NRTCCA July Newsletter

Jul 1, 2024

Happy 4th of July from NRTCCA

On this Independence Day, I extend my deepest gratitude for your unwavering dedication to public safety. Your commitment to real-time crime prevention exemplifies the spirit of service that defines our association. Wishing you and your families a safe and joyful 4th of July celebration.

Nikki North President, NRTCCA

Nikki North, President of the NRTCCA
NRTCCA Conference Info

Have You Registered Yet?

You won’t want to miss out of our conference in August. We have a lineup of speakers and classes to attend whether you like panels, classes, or hands on exercises we have it all for you!

Hotel/Travel Information and Discount

Eligible Travelers attending the NRTCCA Conference, can take advantage of qualifying discounted fares on tickets booked in SWABIZ to/from Phoenix (PHX). Click below for more information on the conference hotel, travel information, and things to do around the conference.

NRTCCA 2024 Award Nominations

In 2024 we have seen several real time centers open up and play a pivotable role in each of their communities.

Each of the centers have made amazing success stories in how they used technology and we hope that through this award process we can help recognize many of the centers, center staff, and center leadership in creating a major impact to our profession. Thank you on behalf of our association leadership for taking time to recognize someone or an agency for the various categories.

Please click below to submit your selections. Nominations will close July 7th, 2024.

Partnership with Slack and FirstNet

We are excited to announce a new membership called the Real Time Center Membership. Join us at our conference to learn more about the price and a special introductory offer that will only be offered to those that are at our conference for this membership. With this membership you will receive some great training opportunities, best practices, and communication tools to connect with other centers in your region or other centers across the country.

Communication is so important especially when you need information in a timely manner. Our association has formed two outstanding partnerships with FirstNet and Slack to help fill the needs of communication in real time.

FirstNet has launched a new radio that our association is using to connect our Real Time Centers and our Fusion Centers in real time with each other.

Slack is helping us build an account that will allow us to talk in real time with all of our member centers. Building a center can be difficult and as you are building your center you will have questions. We will be opening channels to allow you to connect with other centers to ask questions and receive the feedback you need. If you have trends in your area, this account will allow you to seek out others that may have encountered this trend in their community as well.

Please join us at our 2024 Conference for our Communication Panel on Wednesday that both Slack, FirstNet, and other communication partners will be on to share how we plan to connect our centers along with other important centers throughout the country in real time with each other.

Membership Association Update

By Joe Shipp, Membership Director

We are thrilled with the number of new members we have added to our team. 43 in May and 22 in June. As we experience this rapid growth we have made the decision to move our membership records over to a membership software program called Join It. We are hoping this will improve your experience and better allow us to manage the membership base better.

If you have not logged in to the system before please go to our Join It Membership Site and choose “Forgot password” to set up a new password. This system will allow you to be able to update your membership information, update payment/renewal information, and view a directory of the current membership.

We appreciate the activity of new members and look forward to seeing each of you at the conference in August. If you have any questions with this please reach out via email, Joe Shipp, Membership Director.

Unlock Resilience: a Breakthrough Yoga Program for First Responders

Firstgevity is an educational program and is a new benefit that is coming soon to our members. This program will provide members with educational resources about how yoga is a tool for the physical & mental longevity of employees. Keep an eye out for an email on how to obtain your access from Paige Arnone at Firstgevity.

RTCC of the Quarter –
Colorado Springs PD

The Colorado Springs Police Department has recently implemented a real-time crime center (RTCC) to enhance public safety. The RTCC provides law enforcement with an advantage to see where and how crimes are being committed in real-time, rather than relying solely on past crime patterns. The Chief of the Colorado Springs Police Department has demonstrated how the RTCC can be used to show transparency to the citizens they serve in this newly added service. The department has a policy that requires it to provide a “Significant Events Video” of all critical incidents involving the police within 21 days of that incident. The RTCC’s different technologies can help provide a comprehensive picture of what occurred during the incident to the public. Although the Colorado Springs Police Department is still in the early stages of leveraging their RTCC, they have already experienced significant successes with the technology despite some resource limitations, and they acknowledge that even greater things are possible with its use.

Winston-Salem Police Department Crime Center

IACP Technology Conference 2024 – Charlotte, North Carolina

By Emily Spindler, Partnership Director

The IACP Technology Conference was held in Charlotte, North Carolina during the month of May. While the NRTCCA did not have an exhibit space at this year’s conference, we were involved in a creative way with a few of our partners.

The NRTCCA partnered with Constant Technologies, Fusus, and Haivision to provide tours of the Winston-Salem Police Department’s (WSPD) Real Time Crime Center, which is approximately an hour and fifteen minutes away from Charlotte. Along with our partners, we were able to expose approximately 25 people to the WSPD RTCC space and hear more about how they created it. Special thanks to Assistant Chief Manny Gomez, Lieutenant Ben Jones and all the staff in their RTCC for letting us invade their space in order to learn more about how they function.

Our partners were able to exhibit their technologies in an actual space and attendees were able to see how the technologies work together to successfully impact crime in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Not only did the attendees get to see the technology in use, but they got to ask questions that are pertinent to them and their department.

One thing that is apparent every time we get into a space with multiple partners, and it is one of the largest goals of NRTCCA, is the collaboration that occurs between the companies and how they listen to the users to better provide a solution to fight crime. Ultimately, each time we gather with RTCC operators and our technology partners, new ideas come barreling out of those meetings and allow both the RTCC operators to think of things in a new light and the partners to see new operational needs. By building those relationships, it opens the door for real conversations to be had on both sides, with the end goal of improvement.

The NRTCCA thanks ALL of our partners for their continued support. We know that RTCC’s across the nation are being created and are excelling because of your partnership and willingness to work together. We are grateful for the opportunity to work together and share learning experiences and try to make the path forward as easy as possible.

We Want to Hear From You

We welcome your feedback! If you have any ideas, concerns, or suggestions related to Real Time Crime, please use the link below to submit them. Your input is valuable to us and will help shape the future of our work in this area. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us.

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  • Nikki North

    Nikki North has served the law enforcement community for 8 years. She currently is assigned as the manager of her department’s real time crime center, and is the NRTCCA’s 2024 President.

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  • Sarah Dennis

    Sarah Dennis has served law enforcement for 16 years. She currently is assigned as an accounting fraud examiner and certified criminal intelligence analyst with the Rocky Mountain Information Network in Phoenix, Arizona and as the Secretary for the National Real Time Center Association since 2022.

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